Sabarimala Darshan Without Online Booking 2023

Introduction: In This website Explained How to Sabarimala Darshan WITHOUT Online Booking ? is it Possible or Not. The Real Fact is Yes and No Both the answers will applicable for the question.



Hilly – Steep Hills – Ups Hills – Down hills – Plains – These are travelling path.

  1. Starts at Nilakkal to Erumeli
  2. Erumeli to PerurThodu
  3. PerurThodu to Kalaketti
  4. Kalaketti to kallidum kunnu
  5. Kallodum kunnu to Mukkuzhi
  6. Mukkuzhi to Karivalana thodu
  7. karivalan thoudu to Karimala Peak
  8. Karimala Peak to Periyanavattam
  9. Periyavanavatam to Pamba
  10. Pamba to Appachimedu
  11. Ends at Appachimedu – Sabari peedam to Sannidhanam

Above all routes belong to travel the forest trekking way. What are the risks are here to travel a without ticket to ayyappan temple.

First you nee atleast 10+ Years if Experience in Periya Pathai.

No One know this route because only the experience Pilgrims and guru swami know this way.

But This is Not Easy, Some people will visit Iyyappan Temple frequently around 5 or 6 times per years.

For that type of Persons only know the route as well as they will easily handle the Rough route.

How to go Sabarimala without online booking

Just follow the Above routes, But you only travel to this way, Because of last year onwards Priya Pathai was not allowed. This time also they wont allow.

However there is no Proper Arrangement in Periya pathai, Last 2 years so many rainfalls, so all the trees was off.

Its very difficult to travel individual, Okay once you decided mean you stared a travel after the 20 km, For instance there is no path mean what you will do.

In Addition of one more Risk is you are takes a steps after the 6 or 8 hours get starts the rain mean at that time you standing alone inside of kerala forest.

We don’t know at that time what will come Tiger, Elephant, Bear or Fox. Snake etc.

Don’t take this type of challenges. Sabarimala Next Slot Opening Date 2023 Virtual Q 2024, Happy Journey for Pilgrimage Travelling.

Sabarimala Darshan Without Online Booking 2021
Sabarimala Darshan Without Online Booking 2021

In Conclusion most of the youngsters are thinking about the forest trekking way is easy. The real answer is easy but not safe for you.

Because of So many dangerous Wild Animals are living inside the secret Forest route of Kerala. The sabarimala darshan without online booking 2023 is impossible.

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