Samsung WINDFREE AC 1.5 TON Review 2023

In this website i given a honest samsung windfree ac 1.5 ton review 2023 for home and office use in India. Top 5 air conditioner model provided as per the usage and life span.

Pros and Top Key Specifications

  1. Power Saving upto 77%
  2. Air through upto 15 meter
  3. Super fast cooling because of 23000 Microholes
  4. 5 in 1 convertible ( Home alone – Eco – Pleasant – Normal – Party Mode)
  5. Human Detection Sensor
  6. Anti Bacteria Filters used with Auto clean – Anti Corrosion fin.
  7. Installation Fee is Rs 1500 Only
  8. 10 Years Compressor Warranty
  9. 1 Year of Product – Similarly for Gas Recharge PCB – Condenser Warranty.
  10. This is first item in this Microholes Design.

What is windfree Technology

It has new edition for fast cooling, power saving and mist moisture.

All the Air Conditioner capacity is upto 5 meter only, but this model has upto 15 meter air through will give to your rooms.

In other words Power consumption higher than the other products.

Mist Moisture – It is control your body temperature. some of the A C will providing more cool after the 5 hours, at that time your body will feel as over cool.

To avoid this problem mist moisture option given in this model.

in tamil and english

Top 5 AC Model Number and Price

Above all video for Complete Explanation regarding this item, below list are the same – it all good rating scored in this year in India.

1.5 TON at 3 Star (AR18BY3AQWK)

1 TON at 4 Star (AR12BYMANWK)

1.5 TON at 4 Star (AR18BY4APWK)

1.5 TON at 5 Star (AR18BYNANWK)

What is 5 in 1 Convertible Ac

  1. Home Alone
  2. ECO
  3. Pleasant
  4. Normal
  5. Turbo or Party

60% Power saving at Home Alone Mode ( Current Consume only 40% ) This is for 1 person. If you saying alone mean you no need to run 100% for that purpose only given this option.

40% Electricity Saving at ECO ( Electricity Consume only 60 ) This is for 2 people. Both of the people staying in the room mean no need to run 100% for that purpose only.

20% Consumption saving at Pleasant ( 80% Comume) This is for 3 people.

100% Consumption at Normal mode for 4 persons.

120% Consumption at Party mode, For example in your home there is function or birthday event at that time extra guest will come to ur house. They need more temperature for that purpose Turbo Mode.


Therefore, in India samsung windfree ac 1.5 ton review 2023 has got the more sales for commercial use. compare to digital inverter this is best one to buy.

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