Top 5 AC brands in India 2023

In this post contains what are the Top 5 ac brands in India 2023 with Review.

1. Panasonic

2. Daikin

3. Blue Star

4. LG

5. Samsung

Fast Cooling Air Conditioner

First Panasonic is Fast cooling and more space coverage air conditioning all over the world, because of this is a HC High-Capacity Model.

Second Daikin is fast cooling air conditioning because it contains Power Chill mode, it functions is to be run a inverter at 20% faster than the usual.

Third one LG, it has Viraat mode, this mode helps to reach the maximum cooling temperature by 28% faster than the usual.

Room coverage

Comparatively these 5 brands, Panasonic will cover more room space for cooling. For Example, 1.5 TON = 180 Sq Ft

Remaining all other brands will cover 1.5 Ton = 150 Sq Ft Only.

Low Power Consumption Annually

Electricity is more important for Indian People, LG Will consume low electricity. LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star AC will consume 685 Units/ Year.

Smart Wi-Fi Support

All the 5 Brand will have the smart application support via your smartphone.


Panasonic given 7 in 1 Convertible Options. Blue Star Given 5 in 1 convertible, LG given 6 in 1 Convertible, Samsung given 5 in 1 convertible. Daikin is Auto Convertible mode.

Unique Features

Sleep profile is a fantastic feature given by Panasonic. It function is we have scheduled our AC Cooling Temperature all hours as well as days.

Next Ultimate Feature is Coanda Airflow Given by Daikin, this mode will produce spin air its like everyone will love rain, before the rain there is wind will provide more air, that feel you get from the DaikinNext Party mode is an amazing feature given by Samsung. it will help to work our product extra 20% i.e. 120% maximum Cools. Samsung Windfree Ac review 2023

Again, Turbo Cool Mode given by Blue Star, i helps to cool you room by very fast.

Finally, LG Given AI mode in 6 in 1 Convertible, this is a best Option, it function is Ai will sense our room temperature and number people inside in our room, then it will provide cooling according to number of persons available in our rom. there is no need user to changing temperature on remote.


Panasonic is Given Excellent Warranty 1 Year on Product – 10 Years on Compressor – 5 Years on PCB – 5 Years on Outdoor Units.

No One will provide Warranty for outdoor units, But Panasonic will be providing. From the manufacturer Warranty point is this Best Brand.

Long Lasting Brand

All the 5 Brand Products will work Long lasting.

Installation and Services India

Blue star is collecting less amounts from the customer for installation Around Rs: 699.

Daikin Collecting Rs 700.

Remaining 3 Company collecting Around Rs: 1200


Therefore Performance, Fast Cooling, Unique features, Wi-Fi Supports, Warranty Coverage, Long Lasting and Customer Satisfactions point f view Panasonic is No1 Air Conditioner.

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LG Dual Inverter Split AC Wi-fi Supports AI Copper 1.5 Ton 5 Star RS-Q19PWZE

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In Conclusion to know more about the TOP 5 AC brands in India 2023 in tamil ->

Please watch this above all video you will get more information about these Products.

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