Sharechat App Review 2021 Share Chat Features


Sharechat App Review 2021 This is one of the best social media for WhatsApp user because of all type of WhatsApp status WhatsApp DP are available in the sharechat app.

you will easily download from that and the main thing the highlight of Sharechat is this is made in India.

That is Indian made app all type of trending news for available and updating in the share chat app.

How to use

Choose the India and Tamil so many languages are available in Share chat for example if you choose Tamil mean within the Tamil Nadu what are the top 5 trending news all happening in around Tamilnadu,

That five topic shown in the top of the share chat app that is a special feature of this app.

If you are looking for good love status and WhatsApp status mean easily available here all type of status available here you can easily download and post in whatsapp.

Chat room special features in share chat app you already know what is WhatsApp group Facebook group, same as chat room is available only in this app.

Same concept of WhatsApp group same concept but different people if WhatsApp group mean maximum 250 members Share chart grouping more than that you easily speak with the unknown people.

Cons of Sharechat App Review 2021

The main disadvantage of sharechat app as if your looking if you are watching you are downloading there is no problem.

You willing to uploading are posting are sharing anything in that app some what tough, because if you are posting any images any videos it will ask what type of content to you will to post if you choose the correct hastag but that group admin blocks you.

If you posted Any wrong content mean share chat team will delete the content this is the main disadvantage of sharechat app review 2021.

if you are downloading any images from the app you are looking you are using mean there is no problem but posting uploading is main thing you need to post good thing in your own hashtag.

Some group members are in Sharechat they are only to post content from their group if you are posting any content in is group mean they will not allow they will block you these things are happening in that app.

So don’t post any videos photos in other groups just to create your own hashtag, posting uploading content in your own as there is no problem if you post any content in other group mean they will block you.

Pros of Sharechat App Review

Advantage of share chat you will get all trending news instantly all type of status images WhatsApp status videos article you will get from there.

Is Sharechat is safe ?

If share chat is safe, yes this is safe because of this is Indian app.Sharechat App Review 2021.

Sharechat App Review 2021 Share Chat Features
Sharechat App Review 2021 Share Chat Features

How to use sharechat app just download here just and it will ask your mobile number just enter your mobile number then you will get OTP.

It will ask your name finish, just enter it simple. Just Install Here and enter your mobile number then only u will able share the content

There is one more risk is there of girls that, if you joined any chat room mean easily any message in private, this option girls will not like that.

Don’t worry your mobile number will not show any where.

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