Ayyappan Silver Dollar Sabarimala Silver Pendant

In this website the cheap and best Ayyappan Silver Dollar online contains here for sabarimala pilgrims 2021.

All the Pendant here are pure 925 sterling silver material manufactured for swamy.

Original Ayyappan Silver Dollar Online

There is a accurate and Perfect Finishing Given in this Item.

ayyappan silver dollar
ayyappan silver dollar

Description of Ayyappan Silver Dollar

Above all the items are 92.5 sterling pure silver materials for sabarimala yatra.

Just look this item it is very accurate and clear face that is the speciality of this product.

There is more pendant are available but this one is original certified one. Especially for regular use as well as the kaarthigai maadham people.

The size of this 4.1 cm as length and 2.2 cm as the width, This is Sufficient for All People.

In Addition of Weight is 7.50g it’s the best light weight piece. Just this one definitely you will like it, otherwise the below the good alternative for that.

Pros of Piece

925 Pure Silver Certified.

Affordable Price

Fast Delivery

Clear Finishing Dollar

Sufficient Size and Weight


No Chain – Only the Dollar

Available on Online Only

Sabarimala Silver Pendant

sabarimala silver pendant
sabarimala silver pendant

Similarly this is Round shape of Coin Based Piece. The Clear Face and Finishing are perfectly aligned for kaarthigai month as well as daily use.


Coin Based and Strong

Silver Material

Background Designed applied

Fast Delivery


Not Certified

Available on Online only

Without ayyappan silver malai – pendant only

Which is Best Ayyappan Silver Dollar or Copper Pendant.

In my point of view the copper one is within a few days it will automatically changing the color, For example Reddish to Blackish.

Why it changing, Because of your body heat, You unable to use the next year, For instance the original copper will change to blackish to reddish, use this formula – Lemon Wash.

If it will not work mean that will be duplicate.

In Conclusion Velli is best alternative of Semmbu. It will not changing the color form the starting onwards to Till the End.

After that you use this for daily or during the yatra period. Therefore Pure Ayyappan Silver Dollar online available in this blog.

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