Ayyappan Silver Malai Price Sabarimala Velli Mala

In this website contains the Cheap and Best Ayyappan Silver Malai Price In India 2021 for pilgrims. All the velli mala in this post will Cash on Delivery is available.

Each and every kaarthigai month all the sabarimala swami group will wish to wear the mala.

Types of Ayyappan Mala

  1. Sandal Wood
  2. Wood
  3. Thulasi
  4. Silver
  5. Coper Wired with Wood
  6. Pure Silver Mala
  7. Pure Thulasi

Around 10+ Types of Mala are available for pilgrims. Each and every Piece has different Pros and Cons all my honest review i Given here.

Pros of Sabarimala Velli Mala

First off all the price is from the approx 1000 to 3000 based on the dimensions of beads size. 3mm, 5mm, 7mm.

Protect your throat Disease. and I will help to reduce your body Heat.

From the Ayurvedic point of the view it will use the Meditation, Sabarimala Pasting, Daily and Jabam.

In Addition of If you wear this mala as daily mean it’s good health for your body.

Cons of Ayyappan Silver Malai Price

In your home or your market you will get this product easily, But that will or will not be Duplicate. Here I Given the 925 Pure Silver Maalai Given in this Site.

Light Weight – Some people not like the Less Weight. If you like mean this is for you.

Best Ayyappan Original Pure Silver Malai

This is 925 Pure Silver Black Beads Maalai for swami. This Products contains in both dimension 3mm and 5mm. Both are different Price.

If you not like that mean, Return Policy is available. Don’t Bother about that.

Ayyappan Silver Malai
Ayyappan Silver Malai
Ayyappan Original Silver Malai
Ayyappan Original Silver Malai

Above one is 3mm and 5mm Model

sabarimala Silver Malai
sabarimala Silver Malai
sabarimala velli Malai
sabarimala velli Malai

In Conclusion above all are original Ayyappan Silver Malai price are based on the discounts please check the links to follows.

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