silver thulasi malai | Sabarimala Irumudi kit and Maalai

Sabarimala Irumudi kit and Maalai details | sabarimalai yatra bag details

Hello everyone, The Sabarimala irumudi kit for the pilgrims for 2021 batch because that is based on climate. the all irumudi items are very useful for sabarimala pilgrims 2021 batch. thulasi maalai for Sabarimala pilgrims.


 Tulsi malai Sabarimala Irumudi kit 

This is one of the most famous Himalaya silver thulsi maalai Sabarimala pilgrim wear this Himalaya Tulasi silver is most beautiful as well as most useful for Sabarimala pilgrims peoples white with silver color maalai.

Himalaya  silver tulsi maalai Sabarimala Irumudi kit 

The old type himalaya silver tulsi malai is very famous for sabarimalal 2021 pilgrims. velli ayyappan malai is wear for the purpose of cool, and get the fresh traditional mind. Sabarimala Irumudi kit 

Rudraksha Maalai

If you wear the malai with dollar mean the dollar color change because, that is copper dollar, like high temperature to low temperature changing that’s why this type of Maalai most famous in India.

Ayyappan photo

The latest graphics Ayyappan photo the latest graphics photos are mostly all people like this because the entire world is going to new Technology that’s why the new photo are famous. The night time, multiple color photo of ayyappan is look very ultimate.

Ayyappan Statue

Statue is traditional of pooja at all the year 2021, the decoration of statue is look very ultimate, most sold that’s why this is most famous in India.

Ayyappan Silver Dollar

Ayyappan silver dollar is attached with SabariMalai Maalai Ayyappan Maalai silver statue silver statue located in the dollar that’s why this type of this is silver Maalai using 2021 pilgrims.

Ayyappan Copper Dollar

The copper ayyappan dollar for iyyapan pilgrims. this is one of the most popular dollar 2021 in pathanamthitta. all the 2023 batch this type. 2021 copper dollar are very accurate design, the ayyappan statue background contains in this dollar.


The 2023 model statue is look very ultimate. that why most of the pathanamthitta 2021 pilgrims using this products. The yatra bag for sabarimala payanam. The batch of 2021 to 2023 people are like this bag because so many papers are they need to take. The swami are staying in nilakkal from 2021 onward, because easy to start their payanam.

Yathirai bag

The new 2021 irumudi kit for 2021 and 2022 sabarimalai swami .the tulasi maalai, one ayyappan dollar, one sabarimalai yatra bag, two dhotis, two towel, four mini irumudi bag and one big irumudi bag. the golden border dhoties and towel.
Its look like more attractive combinations.


This items contains new cotton type clothes. it does not contains ayyappan maalai. this is one of the good quality product. 2021 and 2022 batch swami using this one only. some swamies like the black color irumudi kit.

the two color irumudi kits are available black and blue.


yatra bag

It handles are double coated clothes. the ghee coconut bag for 2022 batches no need because most of the pilgrims are no need to take irumudi for Payanam 2022.
you need to use the cotton yatra bag, because it is stong carries 3 days clothes easily.

sabarimala kit

The 2021 and 2022 batch swami need to bring more clothes for their payanam. this is two dhoties offers for ayyappan swamies. the thick border provided in this dhoties. the golden color for both bottom and sides. the is pure black color dhoties. 2021 and 2022 new swami are liking the black color dhoties.

Dhoties for sabarimalai

Orange color dhoties for batch of 2023 for amman and ayyppan kovil journey. 2022 onward most of the swami like this type. the orange color is new look in 2021 and 2022 for swami. irumudi blue bag for sabarimalai payanam. the design of the cotton bag 2021 model is look ultimate.

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