Best Engineering Colleges in Chennai


This site is given how to choose best engineering colleges in chennai and list given below for students.

Best Engineering Colleges in Chennai

  1. Government Colleges for Engineering
  2. The Government Collegges for B.E
  3. GGovernment CColleges for B. Tech

Main Rules NOT Following Any Colege

Anna university first rules is the 40k rupees per year of each and every admission.

But No One following in any collleges. At that type of ccolleeges are very very…

Students and parents are thinking highest fee collecting collleges are vert best, they are thinking, the real answer NO.

Best ccolleeges are not focusing on the fees, thet will concentrate on the students knowledge and the students care.


Do you known how many types of fines are availavel today,

For example: Admission Fee

Exam Fee

Book Fee

Arrear Fee— This things only you know in your life.

This things are 5% only—- Remaining 95% of fines are available, If you joined apart from the government ccollegges its like self financing ccollegges. Will put more variant of fines.

We are not blaming anyone things are happening around us thats why i am saying to you. You will not lose your money to anyone.

How to Choose Best Engineering Colleges


Just list out some government college after that you need to visit that collegge infrastructure, then you will meet that ccolleges final year students. ask about that ccollege, that will be explain A to Z. That Institute is worth or not, good Things and Worst Things of that Institute.

Extra Fee Additional Fee

My Honest opinion just choose the colege because of the self financing are ccolleting more moooooooooooooooooooooooooore fees from YOU.

U have more money in ur packet u will go the self financing colege. otherwise select govt colege.

Worth or NOT ???

Each and every admission is worth for 40k and below only don’t above 40k that is completely waste.

First Graduate

Govt will give 20k for the first graduate students, u wish to apply for that separately.



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