Engineering Ethics MCQ GE8076 MCQ


Professional Ethics in Engineering mcq for anna university online examination. If you are preparing for gate exam tancet exam any other competitive examinations all the below questions are very important.

5 Units in GE8076 mcq

First unit is all about human values in engineering ethics, Second unit is information about engineering ethics.

Human Values in GE8076 mcq

Service learning and introduction to yoga and meditation for professional with the stress relief management through the ethics.

Uses of Ethical theories

The main things is the kohlberg’s theory and gilligan’s theory, related to the customs and religion.

Not Interesting

Most of the students are very interesting to study the evs and tqm pom this types of story paper. Actually this types paper contains only the real time examples and current life oriented.

some rare students are not like the evs and this types of stories papers. They will like the core paper its like dsp maths etc.

How to Pass Professional Ethics in Engineering mcq

Just gothrough the all the syllabus topics, If you are attending the online exam there is no problem, But the offline exam you need write more pages for this paper.

Don’t over write unwanted story during the Professional Ethics in Engineering exam, because staff easily find it. So just add the sub heading then write.

Maaximum Paper for Professional Ethics in Engineering EXAM

In Anna university Answer sheet are around 42 pages at that, your friends will say just fill all the papers definitely u will be pass in exam.

This is wrong Idea. If you have wrote 30 paper that is enough to pass this paper in university exam.

The main thing is add the sub title for each and every 13 marks and 16 marks questions.

NOTES Professional Ethics in Engineering MCQ

If you are looking the Professional Ethics in Engineering subject ge8076 notes mean watch the below video for more ideas and all the important questions explained with the real time example.

The university exams point of view all the below mcq are frequently asked questions so please watch it carefully.

Definitely u will score 80+ marks in your university examination if you study the below notes.



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