Professional ethics in engineering MCQ GE8076

Professional ethics in engineering notes | ge8076 professional ethics in engineering notes | ge8076 MCQ question and answers.

Anna University Examination for 2021 April and May 2021, all the below questions are elective papers.

Important MCQ for Professional ethics in engineering

1. In professional ethics in engineering How many types of risks is there ?

a. 3



d. 4

2. ________ is the analytical methods in Engineer’s responsibility for safety

a. analytical testing

b. job related pressures

c. voluntarism and control

d. both b and c

3. The main costs must be weighed against Organizational goal is degrees of professional ethics in engineering.

a. management

b. organizational

c. acceptability

d. liability

4. _______ is the set of standards and laws.

a. discipline

b. support

c. code

d.  protecting

5. The problems with the law in engineering  _________

a. inspiration and guidance

b. minimal compliance

c.  risk

d.  ethics


6. Self Respect _________ is the concept refers to valuing on self.

a. self esteem

b. self respect

c. virtue

d. accountability

7. duty ethics is the about explaining the morality.

a. obligations

b. recognizing rights

c. good moral

d. duty ethics

8.  The view that right action consist in producing one’s own good ________

a. ethical relativism

b. ethical egoism

c. ethical pluralism

d. normative ethics

9. _______deals with theories about ethics 

a. tacit ethics

b. meta ethics 

c. rights ethics

d.  personal involvement

10. which  knowledge required to assess the risk ?

a.  advisability 

b.  low consequence

c.  no estimation of risk

d. testing and safety


11. ARPA stands for ______

a. advanced risk projects agency

b. advanced research projects agency

c. advanced research projects assessment

d. advanced research project analysis

12. The control is required to maintain their ________ and protect their self interest.

a. safety

b. protecting

c. privacy

d. none of the above

13. The degree of complexity range of applications and sheer numbers continue to increase ____________ network the globe.

a. communication

b. telecommunication

c. satellite

d. all  the above

14. The professional word meaning is based on the context.

a. ethics

b. moral

c. non moral

d. professional

15.    ________ is tries to reduce moral values to laws, conventions and customs of societies.

a.  ethical relativism

b. ethical egoism

c. ethical subjectivism

d. ethical pluralism.


Overview of GE8076 mcq and syllabus

GE8076 is the very easiest paper in For common to all the department, this the professional 5th elective paper in the semester of 8th, this is eight semester paper the first unit ge8076 unit name is human value its related to human characteristics and the main thing is about of yoga meditation for professional excellence.

The unit two is explanation of the Engineering ethics as the experimentation methods. the unit three name is the social experimentation, all the experimentation is related to engineering, is responsible as Engineers, The unit four is safety and right responsibility, The last unit name of ge8076 is the global issues.

The ge8076 is the interesting paper in the semester of 8th. all the human value and important characteristics and Experimentation are details contain in ge8076. The ge8076 is old 2013 regulation are studied this subject, the new R17 students also learning this ge8076 paper. 

HOW TO PASS GE8076 mcq Paper:

First you need to look all syllabus of ge8076, then compare the syllabus of ge8076 and ge8077. this both the paper concept are very easy to  understand for university point of view all the 2 marks in ge8076 is very simple to understand because of all the real time example contains in ge8076 Any three unit you will study, if you follow that method you will get the chance to attend question of a or question of b. each and every questions from the ge8076 asking the half of the units.

professional ethics in engineering mcq with answers

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