Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Title Winner 2021

Introduction BB was started on October 3rd around evening 6 pm. As per the fans expectation 18 contestants full fills the House in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Title Winner 2021.

Next thing is who will win in this seasons are interesting questions.

Last 4 Rounds it like Previous Series are given a winners as the voting Order.

This times also the same, Fans Expectations are Raju JeyaMohan will won the Trophy. Because of He has already engaged the tamil fans.

In NINI and Bharathi Kannamma Serial Raju As the (Tharun and Kaththi Character) Played He has more and more Youngster Audience in Tamilnadu.

He as more chance to get the Price amound of 1 crore rupees.

Who is the winner of bigg boss 5 tamil

First Chance Goes to Raju JeyaMohan as (Kaththi – Tharun Character in tamil serial)

Second Chance Goes to Pavni Reddy has good chance to Get the First Prize, Because of Already in 1st shows as Oviya Strategy, Currently Playing by Pavni.

Yougsters will love the Beautiful Girls with the good role, That’s why she more Chance to get the Runner up.

Is Raju Jeyamohon has more Fans Club

Off Course he has the bigger audience in tamil India. Because his character only in naam iruvar namakku iruvar serial roles.

Gayathri husband as well as the Mayan Close Friends – This Two roles will get the large fans for the Kaththi.

Kaththi Acting is very natural that why he covered the huge Fans.

As a Guest kaatrukkenna veli Vennila as vist the house soon.

Bigg boss tamil 5 elimination this week

Priyanka has very less chance to win the prize amount of 1 Crore, Because of she is talking too much without Respecting other.

She has one bad habit that is she will not respect everyone.

In Reality shows or anchor mean okay, But in BB House that strategy will not work out here.

In addition of priyanka as has to play a politics in this home, She wants to be a leader all over in 18 contestants.

All the Voting people will watch the Contestant very care fully, Then only they to the Candidates.

Still now there is a complicated question to the the everyone, That is who will choose the winner in all the shows.

Its based on performance – Influence Character or Fans Votes or Management itself. There is all the answers ill suitable for this questions.

Abhishek Acting

Abhishek is the Youtuber But Day 2 onwards he starts to acting – in day two he crying as acting or real.

In Votes point of view that is acting. he is follwing the isaivani Strategy.

Isaivani starts crying first in day 2. Same things follows by abhishek.

If you are cry mean viewers you put votes to you. never.

Don’t act too smart abhishek, He already given a bad impression about the BB then why you are came here.

Bigg Boss Pavani Reddy is Runner Up 2022

In day one itself she mention i am married, i have angle, Actually that meaning is I’m not having Second Marriage as well as the Second Love Inside BB Home.

That why she Declared in Initial Itself. But she follows the Oviya, Shivani and Yashika Strategy. If you are smart girls mean All the gents will votes to you – This is Completely Wrong Pavani Reddy.

This types of stories are Already S1 and S3 Episodes happends, Oviay AArav and Kavin with all Girls.

is Imman Annachi is Runner up 2022

There is chance but same time there is no chance to get the first prize.

Because of the all the participants will corner the Imman Annachi – he has the very good experience in Cinema fields as well as the reality show.

He is Legends in BB Home, That’s why all the contestants will corner the Annachi.

Varun Vels

if you pay more money to Vijay TV mean they will accept into the BB house, Good Example Varun has More Rich Man inside BB Than others.

If Vels Owner Pay a 5 Crore to the BB mean they will offers to Title Winner as the Varun.

Voting Counting These things are just formalities in Real World.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season Namitha Marimuthu

If vijay Tv Done 100 Bad Things mean Vijay Tv Will Done only 1 Good Thing that is namitha marimuthu.

Good Motivate to all the People, namitha marimuthu Trying to create a positive impression to their society.

But the Winning Chance is Based on the Elimination as well as the activity.

if namitha marimuthu activity was very good or silent or not hating others or not fighting mean audience will love it.

But BB will Reject him Because if you silent mean not Profit for me.

MadhuMitha vs Suruthi vs Akshara vs Iykki Berry

Don’t wait for the First Week Eliminations, form the above all one person will be eliminating soon from the B B. Once the Tamil Viewers will Fix the mind as this is tamil shows.

Why the Germany foreigners People inside this shows. This is main reasons.

In Polling Point of view as Almost two candidate will select for the nomination for Eliminate.

Remaining Two People form the Below all.

Thamarai selvi vs Chinna Ponnu Vs Nadia Chang vs Isai Vani

The Best Comedy Piece is Thamarai selvi as well as chinna ponnu in B B.

Control you reaction that is real matter in htis game. Just follow the AAri he will angry, But he will not express because of voting.

Ciby Vs Abhinay Vs Niroop

Everyone knows the Jithan Ramesh as the S4 Contestants but has Come over in 5th week itself.

In Addition of Ciby vs Abhinay vs Niroop also the same Category, they will come outside from the 4th week onwards.

Bigg Boss guest list 2021

In This Episode Around 15 Guest are welcome to Home. First one is eeramana rojave pugazh has more familiar in youngsters heart.

Second one has thendral vanthu ennai thodum heroine name as Pavitra. She only the pillar of this serial then Vinoth.

Third one kaatrukkenna veli surya and vennila.

Who is the winner of bigg boss 5 tamil
Who is the winner of bigg boss 5 tamil

Conclusion of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Title Winner in 2022

The Hating Person as well as the unfit persons will stay Towards the Ending Days.

The Good Persons and Gentle man will reject soons from here, Last 4 Episode onwards Happening on this algorithm only. This time also the same.

The Cinema actress dresses online shopping

Good boy or Girls or Middle class Persons will not Get the Trophy on this platform. Your Expectation will not happen here that is Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Title Winner 2021 to 2022 Episode.

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