EC8791 Embedded and Real Time Systems MCQ

ERTS mcq questions and answers EC8791 Embedded and Real Time Systems MCQ



Embedded and real time system important multiple choice questions and answers for Anna University online examination 2017 regulation for electronics and communication engineering students.
1. Embedded processor is a processor with special feature that allow it to be embedded into a system.
2. A staic Power Management mechanism is user but not otherwise depends on the CPU activities.
3. Bus diagram is similar to hardware timing diagram is designed to show a particular scenario that’s why sequence diagram and hardware timing diagrams are same.
4. A dynamic power management mechanism that take action to control power based upon the dynamic activity in CPU.
5. Modern cpu are designed as five and machines in the several instructions are executed in parallel.
6. The operation that determine how the object interact with the rest of the world.
7. The direct mapped cache can be reduced by going to the set associative cache structure.
8. The interpreter in station distance with PC and other automatically saved States to return execution to the code that was interrupted.
10. Test zone extension provide security features.

Embedded and Real Time Systems MCQ

11. Commands and package may not generated in one to one ratio.
12. Important basic register in the programming model if current status Register.
13. Multiple inheritance in which year class is derived from more than one base class.
14. Trap is known as software interrupt is an instruction that generate an exception condition.
15. A capacity miss is caused by 2 last working set.
16. Decode instruction opcode and operand or decoder to determine what function to perform decode.

17. Voltage memory is suitable for low volume productions.

18. Microcontroller is CPU integrated memory and peripheral interface.
19. The goals of engineering design is to understand and engineering design problem.
20. Understanding the problem design and setting data requirement is called conceptual model during product design.

EC8791 Embedded and Real Time Systems

21. Harvard architecture architectural scheme has provide off to set up address and data buses between CPU and memory in embedded and Real Time systems.
22. Small scale embedded system is an type of embedded system this small scale embedded system in with coding. 
23. Simple level Embedded C coding using in in embedded and Real Time systems.
24. Software and hardware design that coding design in embedded systems.
25. Compiler reducing the energy consumption of the embedded systems.
26. Variable type and definition factor depends on the allocation of buffer memory in embedded systems.
27. What is QA in embedded and Real Time systems. quality assurance.
28. What is QC in embedded and real time systems. quality control.
29. CRC full is the cyclic redundancy check in network and embedded fields.
30. What is crc in embedded and Real Time systems the crc is cyclic redundancy check this is fully based on the divisor remainder and quotient this is like general mathematical problem this problem is fully based on truth table xor truth table.
31. What type of crc sums using in embedded system the one’s complement arithmetic related design checksums are using in embedded and Real Time systems.


EMBEDDED exmple are iot as well as non iot devices and REAL TIME OPERATING SYSTEM these are examples for embedded.
The examples are related to embedded systems the good example is smartphone and computers is for embedded and real time system the combination of the hardware devices and software using systems.

Overview Syllabus Embedded and Real Time Systems MCQ

Unit 1

The unit 1 embedded and data system introduction to embedded designs the complex systems what is microprocessor quality assurance quality assurance, quality control.

Unit 2

Unit 2 is about embedded and real time system programming coding is simple C programming using in embedded system for making design if you’re making software product you need coding.
ARM compressor design you are using simple C programming coding with the help of assembly level programming language. all the embedded and data systems programs and coding is made up of C language and assembly level language. 
if you are making any design in embedded mean you need to use assembly level language because that is very simple machine can understand easily user friendly for users.

Unit 3 EC8791 Embedded and Real Time Systems

This unit is all about embedded programs that’s assembly level languages and C programming how to write programs in hardware designs, how to write programs for software design ,what is assembly level language, what is the difference between assembly level language and C programming is all concepts are covered in unity some practical examples are given in the Unit 3.
If you are writing any coding for the programs you need to compile and you need to run the program after that you will get the output that complete processes given in the unit 3. how to check your programs is right or error that all thing covered in this unit.
how to check your code that all details are given in this unit. how to analysis the coding for hardware. how to analysis a coding for software design this all covered in this unit.

Unit 4

You are writing program that is totally different that program execution time that is fixing system processor as well as your coding if you are giving coding as very long lines mean it will take some time for the compilation and execution same.
Code you are giving in single line the execution process is quick. how to give program coding in simple that simplification coding simplification programming for C programming and assembly level language for hardware design and software design in embedded and real time systems. the unit is all about coding and programmings.

Unit 5

You are written coding with the help of assembly level language for the software embedded system that you will got the output. the next important thing is how many input you are giving and how many output you are getting. basically if you’re learning mean one input you are giving to your embedded system after that one output you are getting.
after you learnt many things you need to complete  multitask. how to give multiple input, how to get multiple output that all things are covered in unit 5. this unit is all about multiple task of coding in embedded and real time systems because if you are writing coding to the processor that is multiple task processor at the time you need to know how to write multiple input and output coding for the processor..

Embedded and Real Time Systems MCQ

Embedded and Real Time Systems MCQ

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