Eeramana Rojave Serial Actress Name

The Eeramana Rojave Serial Actress Name, Real name and their history I given in this website. This is one of the most famous serial in afternoon.

So many fans for the pugazh and akila, because of this characters and very romantic and very interesting in this serial.

After that the vetri and malar character are most famous in this serial.

Eeramana Rojave Serial Actress Name Below Table

Character NameReal Name
Pugazh PugazhendiShyam
Akila Akhilandeshwari PugazhendiSai Gayatri Bhuvanesh
Vetri Vetrivel NaatarasanDhiraviam Rajakumaran
Malar Malarvizhi VetrivelPavithra Janani
Azhagar AlagarPraveen Devasagayam

In the starting point of the serial Azhagar had very less number of fans, in now a days most of the peoples are watching the alagar scenes alone.

Unique Fans for this serial is Pugazh and akila because now a days some peoples are wish to watch the cool scene. Its like casual scenes.

Last few days pugazh wish to go abroad for his jobs, most of the fans are not like that one because, of pugal akila scene are best in this serial.

If both of them go by abroad mean is very good, we are expecting.

Rahul is new character in this eeramana rojave serial, this character against to the alagar.

Thenu wish to marriage the alazhar but rahul saying he will be marry a thenu. So don’t waste your time, its like saying to the azhagar.

He is saying you don’t known who am I, so leave this place and go to your home.

Ragul challenge the azhagar, will see who will marry a thenu.

Fans are expecting the alagar will marry the thenu that is the best forever of eeramana rojave serial episode.

Eeramana Rojave Climax (May Be)

Already alagar set up a palani in mapillai character for thenu. but the rajadurai finds this people are not our relations.

May be Ragul and alagar friends for done a marriage a alagar and thenu, rahul come for that purpost only.

this will shown on the last scence of eeramana rojaave.

This is one of the amazing photo of the pugal and alagar friends in the old.

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