ECE major projects 2021 | ECE Projects 2021

ECE Projects 2021 Ideas ECE major projects 2021 | ECE Projects 2021

1. Raspberry

2. Adreno

3. PCB



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The raspberry is one of the good alternative for the PCB printed circuits boards. The PCB is the one of the easiest as well as interesting projects because of PCB we can easily make from home.

Raspberry ECE projects 2021

The raspberry is advanced than the PCB. The ECE projects are very easy. The each and every final year all the students are doing the projects related to Adreno because that is inbuild programming are programmed in the adreno.

The programming language is the assembly level programming language. All the basic components you will use in the PCB its like resistor, capacitor, inductor and IC etc.

The each and every IC playing different role that it based on the purpose. The last year ECE major projects are its like road follower projects, that is the dark way they drawn in the ground after that they will operate their projects.

his device runs with the detection of the dark line. This is most popular in 2020 batch passed out student done this projects.

The Best ECE projects are related to Agriculture because of  during the rain time, rain water covers the agriculture place. all the corps get affected due to over water. you need to build the water detector device for their protection of the over water from the rain.

The rain water detection device will help for the farmers. This projects you will make with the help of the electronic components and the main thing is you need to build the entire device with battery only. It can be consume less power then only it will get good success.


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