GE8076 MCQ Professional Ethics in Engineering MCQ

The professional ethics in Engineering mcq for all the five units This paper is common to all department, This is one most easy paper in final semester, This subject marks boost up your grade and gpa. The paper Subject Code is GE8076 MCQ.

Professional Ethics in Engineering MCQ

Introduction of GE8076 MCQ

Anna university online exam ge8076 mcq with answer for regulation 2017.

Human Values Unit 1 Professional Ethics MCQ GE8076 MCQ

  1. Work Ethics is the cultural norms.

2. Professionalism is refers to the qualities and skills of the professional.

3. Spirituality refers to the way of living a constant awareness of the spiritual dimension of nature

4. What is the origin of the economics in ethics ? Worth or Value.

5. Success is based on dare and act are Self confidence.

6. Recognize and understand the emotion of another is called Empathy.

7. Teaching and enrich learning by engaging students in schools are called service learning.

8. Mindfulness programs that use the meditation stress that can take place both the body and brain.

9. PTSD stands for post traumatic stress disorder

10. DMN full is Default mode network.

11. The tendency to accept and face risks and difficult tasks in rational ways is called courage.

12. How many types of courage in ethics ? Three.

13. SWOT full is Strengths , weakness, opportunities and threat analysis.

14. Honesty is classified in two aspects in ethics.

15. The relation between customer and vendor or others is called External Communication.

Engineering Ethics Unit 2

16. Six Types of models of professional roles.

17. Character based on moral concern and honesty is called moral integrity.

18. Over Ride the importance of the moral rule and conviction is based on the Gilligan’s Theory.

19. Consensus means ‘ Agreement’ as ideas and opinions given by the all people in the working group.

20. Three types of the moral development level in Lawrence Kohlberg’s theory.

21. Preconventional birth range is 9.

22. Conventional birth range is 9 to 20

23. Postconventional birth range is 20 Plus.

24. Normative, conceptual and factual are the three type of the inquiry in Ethics.

25. Micro and micro ethics are types of the approaches to Engineering ethics.

26. Personal good is called self interest in ethical egoism.

27. Objectionable view are confused the ethical pluralism that is called Ethical Relativism.

28. Third reason is based on the moral relationalism or moral contextulaism.

29. Second reason is accepting ethical relativism.

30. Philosophers accepting the moral relationalism.

Engineering as Social Experimentation Unit 3 Professional Ethics in Engineering MCQ

31. Trade decision is based on standards ensure quality and facilitate.

32. Board guidelines is called the code of ethics in all situations.

33. Learn not only their own is called learning from the past.

34. Contractual duties to an employer is called the agency loyalty.

35. Engineering products is to be tested to person, then the rights is called the informed consent.

36. A Kind if connected ness grounded in respect for professional expertise is called collegeiality.

37. Codes gives the positive supports to professionals act ethically.

38. FTA full is fault three analysis.

39. Government of India required the Bhopal plant to operated entirely by Indian Workers.

40. Wrong to write rule making and Rule following is called proper rule of law in Engineering.

Safety, Responsibilities and Rights Unit 4 Professional Ethics MCQ.

41. Employee Rights refers to the status or positions that includes fundamental human rights related to the human situation.

42. Term Risk is defined as harm, limitation of a persons freedom.

43. Risk Reduction is the elimination in company or loss in organizations.

44. IP full in ethics is called as Intellectual Property.

45. Descrimination refers to treating a people because of race and other reasons in company.

46. Four types of property rights are available in ethics.

47. There are three types of patents are classified utility, design and plant patents.

48. Trade mark is providing unique service for the customers, that is completely different formt he other company.

49. TRIPS full in ethics is Trdemarks Registration of trademarks is issued for definite period of time.

50. IPR stands for Intellectual Rights property.

Global Issues Unit 5 Professional Ethics in Engineering MCQ

51. Expressing your true feelings is called honesty.

52. Process of technology moving from the one place to another is called Technology transfer that is the new set of the conditions with the implementing.

53. Business or organization are developing through the world or international is called the globalization.

54. Donaldson listed ten types of international rights.

55. Embezzlement is the process of cheating with the computer.

56. Good atmosphere is required for achieve a morally responsible is called ethical climate.

57. Basically six types of the case studies environmetal ethics.

58. Engineers have to posses the quality is called is values.

59. People, Evaluation, interests and options are Characteristics of the Engineers as managers.

60. Cost benefits analysis is called as rist benefits analysis

All the above professional ethics mcq are very important for anna university online examination if you preparing for gate examinaion, Tancet examination all the above questions are very important, becauase of all the above mcq are very general quesitons for you examination point of view.

Professional Ethics mcq paper are in 8th semester of the some department, this is most easy paper in engineering its like evs. this paper will get the good marks as well as the good results for your percentage. this subject boost up your grade.

PEE Subject is almost same to the total quality management and principle of management, this two subjects are some what the story oriented subjects, some students are not like this type of story subjects.

Some brilliant students are wish study the core papers only.



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