Google pay Review India 2023 G pay Cons

Here i given the cons of the Google pay Review India 2023

  1. Main Disadvantages of Gpay is Everyone can see you Gmail ID. How ?
  2. Its very simple Just open your gpay then send money to your contact list. anyone
  3. After that look the transaction.
  4. It will show their gmail Id. The last @ bank details
  5. Before the @ is the email id.
  6. This is the main cons of the g pay review

Download G Pay Here

Cloud Money G pay cons

Two years ago g pay has major issue that is could money.

What is cloud money mean if you sending money to any one mean, that money will not send its like transaction failed.

That momey will Temporily saved or stored or stucked on Cloud.

G pay will Refund that money with the one week.

For this problem only g pay has down 2 years ago.

But now they fixed that issue 2023 – These are original problems of Google pay Review India

Which is Best Paytm vs Google pay Review ?

My suggestion is based on your usage. Paytm and phonepe has the more option.

G Pay dashboard is very simple it very easy to use and understand.

More user friendly is Google Pay.

Similarly phonepe and paytm are same

Which is Safe GPay India or Paytm ?

Both are safe, till the pin not to sharing anyone.

This is the main thing, as think my pins was know anybody mean just change the password.

You can earn reward on both the g and paytm.

They provide the rewards for the each and every transaction on paytm.

Compare to g vs paytm, Paytm will provide the more reward to the customer.

Above all are very easy to use – safe and secure. Download and Kickstart your online money and online shopping.

Don’t say i’m not having the online payment. If you say this answer mean everyone look as you are outdated.

Once you start to use definitely u will like that. In Conclusion of Google pay Review India Safe and Secure.

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