Best Navarathri Golu Bommai Online Dolls 2023

Welcome Navarathri Festival, Here all the latest Best Navarathri Golu Bommai Products available at the low price.

Sri Ranganathar statue is very famous or the navaratri golu, Because everyone look at the statue as has large size on temples.

In Home Golu festival only that statue will look at the small size, that is beauty of ranganathar.

Once you fix a mind to set a kolu in your home that is very sensitive, you need to clean your home properly.

What is spcial in this website mean, The yoga dolls availalbe in this site, This is vey unique compare to others.

The big Plastic Banana Tree will get good look for your home decorations.

For what purpose bhramins are setting the golu during the october month. First of all that is culture.

Navarathri Golu Setting and Setup

Main This is Steps for to place the dolls in that.

Second thing is you need to have or buy the traditional dolls for festival.

Next one is the fuction duration is around 16 days only in the month of october.

Invite your relatives to you home to vist the decoration, once the leave ur home you wish to give the some gift. its like snacks box or fruits or flowers etc.

That is our culture, Everyone following that.

Color Light Decoration Will give more attractive to your house during the this period.

The dolls are more or less that is not a matter, How you are arranging that is big one in this festival.

Which is be best navarathri golu bommai is navagragam lakshmi vinayar marapachi girl boy amman clay sri ranganathar murugar marriage arrangement etc.

Sivan statue place in the middle of the steps or top.

Don’t place the shivan statue at the down.

In Down the agriculture or yoga or marriage setup this thing comes under the down of the steps.

In conclusion Everybody will get the happiness.

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