Best LG refrigerator 2021 in India

Best LG refrigerator 2021 in India Best refrigerator at all the brand collections here. good refrigerator with single door and double door are provided in this blog.

3 Star 4 Star 5 Star and 192 litre, 198 litre and 230 litre

What is the difference between 2 star refrigerator, 3 star, 4 star and 5 star. the all-star differences is the power consumption and efficiency and energy rating. what’s the difference between two star energy and three star energy, 3 energy mean the three star rating refrigerator is consuming less power. the 5 star rating refrigerator slightly more power consuming than 3 star. that’s why they are differentiate as the grade of 3 star, 5 star refrigerator each and every fridge having different capacity of consuming power. power consumption that is also fully based on the capacity each and every refrigerator having different capacity of litre for example 192 litre, 198 litre, 230 litre. 


So many little capacity are available that is fully based on the what’s your purpose, how many peoples are family member. for example in your family’s 3 and 4 numbers mean that is sufficient for 198 litre capacity of refrigerator. in your family five members six members mean you need to choose to 230 litre capacity of refrigerator. all the refrigerator look very stylish printed design. Each and every brand refrigerator tray are totally different that is based on the which brand you choose as well as the capacity of the refrigerator.

LG 4 star inverter direct cool

LG life goods This fridge is 4 star inverter direct cool single door refrigerator. Capacity 190 litres this is sufficient for normal use. refrigerator capacity is 168 litres. this is stylish LG refrigerator dark red color most of the people like this color.

Best LG refrigerator 2021 in India

the flower design printed in front side of the door. This model refrigerator has 4 star rating and less energy consumption. This refrigerator has consuming less power, so it has the 4 star rating. This fridge total weight is 33Kg. This fridge height is 136 cm, and width is 63 cm. This fridge is sufficient for 4 to 5 family members. 

Samsung 4 star fridge

Samsung 4 Star fridge having 192 litre 4 star direct cool single door refrigerator its look very simple and Stylish. Samsung refrigerator this has the capacity of 192 litre. this is suitable for 4 to 5 members family members in normal inverter compressor given in the Samsung refrigerator voltage and current, voltage range is 132V to 290V this is normal voltage range. this is one of stylish refrigerator in Samsung

5 star Samsung inverter direct cool

Samsung 5 star inverter direct cool single door refrigerator. this is one of the stylish refrigerator with the single door blue color. the ultimate design printed on the front door of the refrigerator. this refrigerator has the capacity of 198 litre. this is sufficient for 4 members to 5 members bachelor as well as family members. this refrigerator has 100 volt to 300volt voltage range. digital inverter compressor Technology used in this refrigerator, automatic adjustment of speed response all the advanced technology are used in this device this is one of the best less consuming power refrigerator.

Samsung 3 star fridge

Samsung 3 star direct inverter cool single door refrigerator this having the capacity of 230 litre. this refrigerator is sufficient for 5 to 6 family members as well as up to 6 bachelor member can choose the 3 star with 230 litre capacity refrigerator.

Whirlpool 4 star

Whirlpool 4 star inverter direct cool single door refrigerator with refrigerator 200 litre. this is sufficient for family members, as well as four members of bachelor. this is one of stylish refrigerator if power off or power cut mean it will manage up to 12 hours. milk prevention during power cuts this is new feature of this refrigerator. this refrigerator has 4 star the power consumption is very less with 200 litre capacity refrigerator.

Samsung 4 star inverter


Samsung 4 star inverter direct cool single door refrigerator this refrigerator as 198 litre capacity this is sufficient for family as well as bachelor upto four members. this refrigerator having 4 star the refrigerator voltage ranges 100V to 340V. this is single door stylish Samsung refrigerator the power consumption of this refrigerator is very less that’s why this is so famous because beautiful stylish design printed on the front door. digital inverter compressor advanced compressor used in this refrigerator that’s why this is most famous in India.

Refrigerators Difference and Details

What is the difference between single door refrigerator and double door refrigerator with single door refrigerator having the freezer inside single column. the separate tray give for the freezer, most of the peoples are likely single door because that is consuming less power than double door the size of the refrigerator. single door fridge is very less height it’s like hundred centi meter and 120 centi meter. the double door sizes is 180 cm and above that is based on the litres.


Voltage Stabilizer

Each and every fridge needs the voltage stabilizer, because the sudden power cut off or any high voltage occurs mean at time, you fixed the stabilizer mean it will protect your refrigerator. otherwise it will get the damage. So refrigerators are giving in built stabilizer with advanced technology. that is sufficient if you use external stabilizer that give extra life for you Refrigerator.

Advantages of  Refrigerators Best LG refrigerator 2021 in India

What are the advantages of using refrigerator if you are making food you need to store in safe place at the time you may use refrigerator it can be save for more period of time. if you are cooking more food mean you can place in your food in safe place for for after eating at that time refrigerator is very useful. most of the people like to drink cold water, at the time you may use refrigerator, fruits and vegetables you can store in your refrigerator it will protect food from the dust and moisture.

Milk  to Curd

The advanced technology of the refrigerators, if you need curd but you are having milk your home, at that time you no need to buy curd, because the new technology are some refrigerator having separate tray for milk to curd preparation. it work is you need to store the milk that tray after 3 to 4 hours it will converts the milk to good quality of curd. that curd very tasty and fantastic.

Best LG refrigerator 2021 in India

Best LG refrigerator 2021 in India

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