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First you need to understand the propose vs impress a girls. You want to impress a girls mean just for the long and all time. Propose is completely different. How to impress a girl through DP and Status.

In Today world most of the boys are trying to impress a girl for the both college and school girls. Boys are trying to impress a girls through the Whatsapp DP and Love Status. This things is Right and WORNG.

Only Share With Status

Some boys are post more whatsapp status thats only Love status. The main thing is if you do this your friends will redicule you its like fun and compare you and that girls.

If you wish to impress a girls mean you need to select the only share with option that particular DP or Whatsapp love status. Don’t post more love status because it does not impress a girl. Twice a days you may post a status use the only share with option.

Is Rich DP Impress a Girl ?

No, Few boys are thinking are if i am rich man mean all the girls follow me. This IS ONLY WRONG THING, don’t think and do this one. Your friends will give this type of ideas only.


Schools students are thinking if you post the sad DP and status all the girls come and speak with me. This is SECOND WRONG ideas. This types are ideas are your friends will provides this types of ideas only.

Comedy DP

Don’t post Comedy DP and Status because if you do this thing mean all the girls think you are the comedy piece for me an us. That girls will think you she don’t have time pass and fun mean she will call and chat with you. This type of situation are does not end and travel on LOVE.

Happy DP Enjoyable DP

Always happy dp and status will work out to impress a girl ? No, because if you do things mean, she will look you only but not love with you. Happy status are not impressing a girls.

Irritating DP

Close relationship dp and status are not workout for the impress a girl because, if you do this negative impression will create about you.

How To Impress a Girl | Just Observe you Girl friend

Really you need to impress a girl friend mean just observe you friends, then do paralled its like what is post the same related status and DP. But not the same, Post the same and related dp and give you best.

How To Impress a Girl through Whatsapp DP for Girls CLICK HERE

Just go through here you will get the ideas about a Girls DP, then you will have the good though about your girlfriend.

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