What is dating between a boy and a girl in relationship


What is dating between a boy and a girl in relationship first of this a culture comes from the western. This is meeting a girl and boy via socially.

now a days there is one problem is increases that is some boys or girls character be very silent at that type of people they are feeling why I am so silent character.

Simple A dating is a boy and a girl speaking its with unknown or stranger without and with Dress.

Why With the unknown person, If you are talking with your friend mean that is completely Risk.

That why not sharing the dating apps details to you, This is the real answer.

The main Purpose of the dating is talking about the First Night.

In Other words as the Close relation ship, There is no wrong with that based on your lifestyle.

Recently all the olympic persons have the co nd om, Because of to reduce the stress Officially.

what is dating between a boy and a girl

ok, if you are girl mean you are silent character you will think if any boys come with me come with be friend with me.

Mean i will feel happy but you’re not having any boyfriend in physically and day today life.

There is one more option that is called dating applications it work is,

if you want to talk any stranger boys or girls mean that will be happen easily in dating application.

The dating culture is a boy feel freely talk with a girl that is called dating. A girl freely talk to a boy this is a culture of dating via socially this culture is comes from the Western side.

now all age peoples are using dating application there is no wrong with that how you are using,

how you are talking to you stranger that is a matter in this applications.

last 2 year this type of dating applications are very famous because,

from starting onwards nobody use video call after the lockdown.

they have practiced to talk the video call how to use the video call they easily understand after that.


they are talking to any stranger with the video call,

2 years ago if you have any mobile number if any stranger will talk to you mean,

u will attend the call ant talk to him thats simple, now a days this things are very simple.

The difference between dating and romance actually 5 types of dating are available first speaking and meeting.

What is dating relationship a girl and boy actually if you are boy mean you have some doubt about marriage.

if you have girlfriend mean you will ask but that is somewhat risk, if she leak your secrets or personal info to your friend.

for that purpose only you will talk to any stranger girl you don’t know who is she, she don’t know who is you that is the plus here.


Few boys or girls they want to talk about their marriage life this concept you will talk to your friends or any relation mean they will ridicule you.

this concept you will talk to any stranger mean they will also talk to you because,

you both are stranger you both don’t know what will be happening in marriage she also don’t know.

so you both are sharing that marriage information that is dating that could be socially they are started,

after if they both like or Love mean they will meet physically.

the dating is not only romance you have so many doubt about marriage that all doubt you want to freely talk to stranger it male or female.

Is dating application is very risk yes and no both answers of applicable for this question because you are talking to stranger.

you don’t know they are screen recording or screen sharing just you may give your voice only that is more safe if they ask share ur video mean that is your own risk.

what you have ? talk or asked to the stranger mean speak via voice call- only.

that is very safe if you switch on your camera or video call mean that will somewhat risk.

You want to talk someone or some stranger that is the matter there is no need to show your face or show your video call this things are not necessary on dating.

Impress a Girl or Boy via Dating

How to impress a girl for marriage via da ting app, First off all dont ask suddenly to will you marry me,

because of girl will not like that things.

Just talk or contact atleast 3 month after that u will ask to that girl will u marry me.

She will say this answer mean no problem that is i will think it over then i will reply you.

Otherwise she suddenly said no mean, still 3 months or more u and she that da ting relationship she taken as the time pass.

How to convince a girl or boy for the video call on da ting app, its very simple but it will take months, just talk friendly to that person.

Then u may ask i want to see ur beautiful face, i am waiting for that moment. She or he impressed at that moment,

then they wantedly show their face to you.

How many of u get married after using da ting app,

actually most of the silent character people wish to use the this apps for the testing purpose as well as serious love.

Any character like wise they will use in that purpose only, that if i fall love in any person vie da ting mean i will marry that guy.

Everybody Know In foreigners are before marry they will not meet,

Their first time meet at the stage of the marriage dias.

U already known the concept of ki ss before a marriage without seeing their faces.

If they like or love that ki ss mean they marry. Same concepts also happening here.

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