How to Sleep Fast in 5 Minutes Tips and Tricks 2021

Here I reveled the secrets of the how to sleep fast in 5 minutes. first of all sleeping is not an big matter ago 10 years, but now a days sleeping is talent.

Because of the stress and concentration.

I will give some tips and trick how to sleep fast in 5 minutes, its very simple but you will not follow this things below.

10 Tips to sleep fast

First things just fix the time as you wist to sleep at bed.

Next this is main thing Don’t place your mobile in you bed room, this is major mistakes doing by the all the peoples.

it il distrub you mind, but all the peoples are not following this one.

My suggestion this one thing you need to follow today, and tomorrow morning you will think me.

Second things, if your home and room is very hot mean it will disturb your body, at that time you will not able to sleep fast at night.

Just follow this two timing to get your room as cool temperature.

Moring 5.30 to 7 o clock are very cool temperature. at that time fresh air producing time, that why all are walking this time,

You need to open your bed room door at this time only, after 7 o clock sun will rise it will generate the heat. Please follow the timing in morning.

Evening timing will change that’ 5.15 to 6.10 pm is more than enough to open your bed room door. At the time fresh air we will feel.

Don’t open your door after 6.10pm because mosquitoes occupies your space.

How to Sleep Fast in 5 Minutes Tips and Tricks 2021

Good Pillow Size for sleep fast in 5 minutes

Third thing is you need to note ur pillow, it could be correct size of the neck. if it is too small mean there is no problem,

Same time if it is big size mean problem.

Large size pillow disturb your neck and mind from the concentration of the sleep.

My opinion just use the small size pillow other wise don’t use pillow.

i know that is not easy to follow in a one days. but that is good for your health.

just place some plane and thin size of the towel for your head during sleeping. Your body and head same position or flat position mean you will have good sleep at night.

Fourth Things is some people will have breathing problem. that is fully based on your mosquitoes killer its like all out, good night etc.

if you ask me which is best, i will say mosquitoes bat is safe. Liquid are danger for you health, this is everybody know but all are using this type of liquids.

Right Position to take Rest

Fifth Thing is one than one pillow is good the flat and body fitness – relaxation.

You just learnt you knee at during night. just join your knee together i release some pain.

Today learnt and tell me, becoz i watched, if your two leg side knee touches mean you will not able to sleep properly.

just use one more pillow for ur leg knee, If u wish to sleep properly mean u need 2 pillow.

if you not using pillow for ur head mean no issue. but u must use pillow for the ur leg knee,

that will increase ur concentration towards the sleeping at deep.

best pillow for sleep fast at night 2021

Steps to Do for sleep fast in five minutes at night

Sixth things is i will say but will not accept this point, Don’t use mobile phone at the dark place and room.

Most of the gamers and peoples are wish to use mobile at dark place because of the theatre feel.

If u use smartphone at the dark or night place it will disturb ur brain and ur attention.

Seventh things is just try to sleep at with 12 o clock. it mean just go to bed at 11 o clock- this is right time or 10 o clock if possible.

Follow the above steps within the 5 minutes you will go the deep sleeps.

Eighth Things is don’t get tension during night its like office or anything

and don’t think about the stress and tension oriented issues in night it will divert ur mind from the silent.

Ninth thing is some happy and excitement matters also divert you. but it will encourage to sleep well, i think you will understand point.

Final one is Just Glance about this day what you have done. If success mean good, its bad mean dont worry, do your best at tomorrow. Revision of the days.

Alternative methods

here i given the 10 tips and trick, ok u have the doubt i will not follow above the tips. No problem for that. Simply do the Meditation this is more more more than enough in the world,

You should do the meditation at every day then only will feel the the output of that how to sleep fast in 5 minutes solution.

If you ask this questions to your friends mean they will suggest this idea only that just consume the sleeping tablets or tonic at every night,

this will completely change ur body health to bad condition.

i given a experimentally proved ideas and my own ideas provided in this website for you. i got output,

my desire is to get the same output for you also.

can i consult a doctor for this issue, actually u need to know this is not issues or fever. This is fever but not nature you creating this to ur body only.

No need to consult a doctor for this problem. You are a doctor meditation is tablet for ur life.

Is hearing a melody music at night. my honest answer is wrong. of u are hearing the good and melody music or songs at night.

But what material u are using. it could be mobile or laptop.

I Already told don’t place ur smartphones or laptops in ur bed rooms.

How to Sleep Fast in 5 Minutes Tips and Tricks 2021

Sufficient time to take a rest

how many hours is good to refresh your mind that’s based on you only. Normally below 10 to 20 years children have to sleep around 8 hours.

Age of 20 to 30 is 6 hours. Age range 30 and above is more than the hours with the naps.

Naps means the afternoon sleeping.

Few Students have this issue that is they wish to sleep at the early morning to afternoon.

The nature is fixed by 12am to 3am is deep rest will take all the humans. This is the methods of how to sleep fast in 5 minutes

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