Thendral vanthu ennai thodum serial Heroine Name

The thendral vanthu ennai thodum serial heroine name is Pavitra Jannani, She is one of the best actress in vijay television.

so many actors are acting in Vijay TV, but Pavithra Janani and was one of the most famous

as well as old actress they both are already given good story.

eeramana rojave serial as most fans because of agila character and pughaz character thing with vetri and malar as next high fans in eeramana rojave serial.

TVET Serial Heroine and Hero Real Name

Pavitra Jannani and Vinoth Babu

sundari neeyum sundaran Naanum serial is completed in February month,

that hero name is Saravanan now she is play in villain character in in general vanthu ennai thodum serial name as vetri.

the main special father character playing as Raja Rani 1 serial actor remaining all peoples are very new to this serial episode.

what is the highlight of this episode is that promo they given as one of the unique way promo

that TVET promo everybody get attracted by that scenes.

TVET serial heroine name

the reality of the promo is respecting the culture of Hindu yesterday use are the main picture that is mention

there is major difference between promo and mention because in promo point of view there is shown as vetri get married pavitra.

who has more fans in this drama everybody know malar and vinoth after that side actor will play a major role.

around 4 years experience Janani and 3 years experience as Vinod Babu this serial actor hero name is Vinod Babu.

from initial point of you everybody watch promo 1 of thendral vanthu ennai thodum serial heroine name

after that most of the fans are looking for which director direct that things every wish to know that guy but that is completely viral marketing.

recently Arya movies released on that name is sarpatha that movie all so viral marketing

same marketing players this drama also each and every movie as some si will get atta more thanks that is both positive as well as negative

if negative mean that will get more popular fast you mean it will popular very very less that’s why trending drama.

Finally this drama was released successfully in tv. Now abhi has changed the mind set of vetri but he has not changing him mind set of wife.

Here after what will happen its simple compare to the snsn story like tamil and abhi role will play

Thendral Vanthu Ennai Thodum Serial Cast Promo 2021

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