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What is trading ? it is simple now a days N number of companies are available in this world. For example if anybody start a new company they need money, What is Trading Business.

If you are stating your business you need money. At that time what you will do. you will go to bank and try to get a loan for interest.

Trading and Functions | What is Trading Business

Good alternative of bank loan is share market or stock market or trading. One more examples are if one company price is 5 lakhs. that company owner having the 2.5 lakhs.

They needs remaining 2.5 lakhs. They will get money through by bank. Remaining option are this things, shares stocks. Once he get the 2.5 lakhs loan, after that he will repay the loan and finish.

Alternative is called the trading and stock market, 2.5 lakhs amount can be divided by 5.

5 Mean 5 members and 50k rupees of each and every person who are all investors. Any 5 member buy that shares mean that 5 members also owner that is the secondary owner.

Secondary owners have rights to ask question about the company status.

Difference Between Trading or Stock Market Vs Bank Loan

Only one time is called bank loan option at that one time is so many formalities.

After that again you need money for again you develop your company mean once again you need to apply for bank loan with the so many formalities.

Next Option for Bank loan is Trading Business or Stock Market

How many times you need money for develop you business or company. Convey the message trading market the investor invest the money for your business.

Benefits of the Stock Market

You have money its like 50k rupess in your hand. You have 2 best option that is deposit in bank.

Cons of deposit in bank is low interest, Pros of deposit in bank is Safe and secure for your life time without any loss. One more option is invest money in a company.

What is Trading Business, Untill you are stop leaving to invest a company of business, at that time you will get profit amount for you.

Risk of Stock Market

How you invested money will ? That company leads a loss mean you invested amount also loss. Same time that company is growing well mean you will get the good profit.


Loss of company = you invested money LOSS

Growing of company = you invested money PROFITS

Totally 2.5 lakhs the required money for that thet will divied by the 5 shares are stocks.

You will buy one stock. one share price is the 50K. for that 50K you will get the rights and profits.

Share Market vs Stock Market vs Trading vs Mutual Fund

These all the same concepts, except the mutual funds this is completely different.

Addicts ?

your friends and relatives will say that all thing are not real, it completely addiction.

Actually not like that, You need to get the knowledge about the shares and stocks then only you will have good ideas.

To Be Success in this fields of Shares and Stock Markets

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Cryptocurrencies DETAILS its like Buying and Trading

Popular Shares and Stocks

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