What is Stock Market What is Share Market


What is stock market ? now a days most of the people are thinking is stock and share market are different. Actually not like that both are same but name is different.

Some members are thinking stock market is buying the material and products from the company, then with that product are material, We want to sell to the customers. This is wrong.

Stock Market

The stock market is buying stocks from the company. For example if anybody wish to start a business, that business quotation is 10lakhs, He have 5lakhs only in hand.

He need 5 lakhs money. That guy has the 2 option, first one is bank loan, this is not an easy matter because of so many formalities.

Second option is share market.

Equal Division and Division

Remaining 5lakhs rupees, for that can be divided into 10 shares or stocks, 10 mean each and every division is 50000 rupees.

So, 10 Members are buying that. For that stock He will earn some amount that is the stock market.

And the main thing is company goes to loss or facing loss mean your money will get loss, if that company goes high its like profit mean your money will get the profit.

is Share market Risk

Yes and No, both the answers are applicable for this questions because of that is fully based on you only.

I bought many stocks mean I will be earn more money that is completely wrong.

IF I bought only one share mean I am losing my money that is also not completely right.

You invest the money from one company, then you will get knowledge about that.

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Best Stocks

Looking for the good trading you many choose the forex because of smart algorithm and easy to use.

Anything is simple then only you will understand easily thats why forex is best for easy to use.

forex trading
forex trading
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Bitcoin vs Shares which is best

which is best bitcoin and shares, this both are entirely different. stocks is best for the beginners because of bitcoins any time will be valid or invalid.

what is stock market
what is stock market
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Smart Informer

Market goes ups and downs each and every minutes, you need to watch and note that one. The price goes high mean at that time sell that shares.

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Everything you need to understand then only you will mastery in shares investors.

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