Antennas and Microwave Engineering MCQ EC8701

Antennas and microwave engineering MCQ with answer | EC8701 MCQ questions | Antennas and Microwave Engineering MCQ


Microwave Engineering important multiple choice questions and answers and MCQ.

Antennas and microwave engineering mcq

1. The atom which offers high operational bandwidth and the antenna parameters are maintained over a wide range of antenna are called white band antenna.

2. An atom of source that radiates energy uniformly in all the direction is called isotropic source.

3. The type of dipole antenna that has higher bandwidth is called conical antenna.

4. What is the beam width for of dipole antenna 90 degree.

5. What is the impedance of the folded dipole antenna 900 ohm.

6. Radiation pattern of an antenna is a plot of the magnitude of the far field strength versus position around the antenna.

7. Beamwidth and directivity are both measures of the focusing ability of an antenna is true

8. A transmitting antenna is a device that convert a graded electromagnetic wave on a transmission line into a plane wave propagating in free space.

9. What is the example for dipole antenna wire antenna is good example for dipole antenna in antennas and microwave Engineering.

10. Radiation pattern of an antenna is the plot of the magnitude.

11. Antenna having a constant pattern in the plane are called omnidirectional antenna

12. What is Omni directional antenna the head having constant pattern is called army directional antenna and plane or solid omnidirectional antenna.

13. What is microstrip lines the patch antenna are the address of small size are made of micro lines small size is called micro strip lines.

14. The solid area through which all the power that by the antenna is called beam area.

15. What is beam area this solid area all the Power radiated by the antenna is called beam area.

16. Lens antenna antennas have gained this then the factor that type of antenna more linient tolerance on surface.

17. What is high directivity required in radar communication that satisfied by and is called antenna array.

18. A dipole antenna is also call hertz antenna

19. What is radius resistance the impedance at centre of antenna is known as radius resistance.

20. What is the effective radiated power ? the power and effective power

21. What is the length of a short elements and Yagi antennas. one of the wavelength of the highest frequency.

22. What is printer antenna ? antennas consists of a regular arrangement of elements with feat network is called printed antenna

23. The magnitude and phase of the induced current depends on the position of Andhra with respect to ground.

24. Ohmic classes Indiana wire and nearby dielectrics insulator ground and other surrounding objects.

25. Isotropic is defined as a process and having equal radiation in all direction.

26. The performance of the antenna is usually described in terms of its principal E plane and H plane patterns.

27. What is directive gain the extent to a practical antenna concentrate is radiation energy relative to that some standard and custom directive gain.

28. E plane is defined as the plane containing the electric field vector and direction of maximum radiation.

29. The sanding waves repression pockets of energy storage.

30. H plane is defined as plane content magnetic field vector and direction of maximum radiation is called H plane.

31. A transmission line is a device for transmitting energy from one point to another.

32. S balance is a device that connects the balanced line and unbalanced the line.

33. The directive gain is a qualitative measures of the external to the total power that is concentrated in one direction.

34. An atom is the polarization of the wave radiated by the antenna in the far field.

35. An isotropic and defined as a lossless antenna having equal direction in all direction.

36. The two linear polarization are mutually perpendicular to each other with a phase difference of 90 degree.

37. Cephalic position has become quite common in VFH and UHF.

38. The power radiated from an antenna per unit solid angle is defined as a radiated intensity.

39. What is power pattern the power pattern is the radiation from antenna expressed in terms of power per unit area then the pattern is called power pattern.

40. What is decibels M in microwave Engineering repression share measured power level in decibel relative to  Mili what 1 Milli watt.

Antennas and microwave engineering EC8701

Actually this subject is two subject combined in antennas and microwave Engineering unit 1 2 AND 3 is related to antenna unit 4 AND 5 is related to microwave the two combination subject is called antennas and microwave engineering EC8701.


The first unit is introduction to microwave systems and antennas this unit is all about microwave frequency band antenna patterns and characteristics physical concept of radiation in antennas microwave antenna microwave receiver noise temperature this these concepts are in unit 1


RADIATION MECHANISM AND DESIGN ACCESS APERTURE, ANTENNA DESIGN CONSIDERATION FREQUENCY INDEPENDENT AND MICROSTRIP ANTENNA. the small size Antenna us called microstrip antenna this concepts and principles are studying in unit 2

Unit 3

Antenna array concepts.

Unit 4

Passive and active microwave devices. generally passive devices of capacitor resistor inductor this all basic components are are passive components for passive microwave device. the generally active devices are active components current and voltage. the all the basics of electronics it’s like what is pin diode what is coupler what is directional coupler impatt diode Gunn diode PN junction NPN junction PNP junction all cover in this unit.

Unit 5

Microwave design principles RF and microwave Engineering subject important topics are covered in this unit it’s like low noise amplifier design microwave oscillator design mixer design microwave mixer design all the designs are covered in this unit.

How to clear antennas and microwave Engineering Anna University online examination.

First you go through all the 5 units syllabus after that you will study the all the 5 units 2 mark questions with answers. you will go through the previous year question paper and model question paper then only you will get idea how the question paper pattern asking in university point of view what are the frequent questions asked in unit wise you will analysis then only you will get idea what is frequently asked question what is new question what is important questions in antennas and microwave Engineering.

Interview Point of View

This subject it is very important for campus interview because this is core paper of electronics and communication engineering students. most of the HR are asking questions from antennas related questions because antenna is one of the major role playing in communication department it’s like electronic and communication department if you want to communicate two devices you need antenna that both and send signal receiving the signal then only communication will happen that’s why communication point of view the antenna is important subject.

antenna and microwave engineering mcq anna university ec8701

Antennas and microwave engineering mcq

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