Optical Communication mcq EC8751 mcq questions

Optical Communication mcq ec8751 mcq questions

                                                                     UNIT 1  

                                       INTRODUCTION TO OPTICAL FIBERS

Optical Communication mcq ec8751 mcq questions


Important multiple choice questions and answers for ec8751 mcq questions Anna University online examination if you preparing for GATE examination TANCET examination any other competitive examination related to electronics this all questions are very important

1. tKThe single WDM which operates as both multiplexing and demultiplexing devices is called bidirectional WDM.

2. Snell’s law state how like it reacts when it meets the interface of two medium having different refractive indexes is the correct answer.

3. Self phase modulation is produced by the non-linearly in the refractive index in single wavelength links.

4. Cross phase modulation is produced by the nonlinearity in the refractive index in WDM systems.

5. Optical CDMA is transmitting the signal as pulse light instead of electromagnetic.

6. The device which simulate mode equilibrium over a short length of fibre or more filter is the correct answer.

7. Quantum limit is the minimum received optical power required for a specific bit error rate performance in digital system.

8. The lowest noise amplifier device which is widely available is the silicon FFT field effect transistor.


10. The average number of electron hole created by a carrier per unit distance is called ionization rate.

ec8751 mcq questions

11. Radius is a measure in was of the optical power radiated into yet unit solid angle per unit area of the emitting surface.

12. aLAbsorption radiation surrounded by the PN junction in optical.

13. Ehich is high  Quantum efficiency is called radio active recombination and active region.

14. Lasing is the condition at which light amplification becomes possible in the laser diode.

15. aLAbsorption phenomena due to impurity atoms present in the fibre is called extensive absorption.

16. Attenuation is a measure of DK of signal strength or loss of life power that actor as light passes propagate through the length of the fiber.

17. Rayleigh scattering in glass is the same phenomena that scared does light from sun in the atmosphere giving rise to a blue sky

This is one of the most famous question physics find a few science find a few general knowledge point of view this is one of the most important multiple choice question.

18. Macroscopic bending occurs when the radius of curvature of bend is greater than the fibre diameter.

19. Micro bends for repetitive small-scale fluctuations in the radius of curvature of the fibre axis.

20. The cutoff wavelength is defined as a minimum value of wavelength that can be transmitted through the fibre.

Optical Communication mcq

21. Skew rays are not transmitted through the fibre axis.

This question is frequency of in GATE examination TANCET examination

22. Numerical aperture is used to describe the light gathering or light collecting ability of an optical fibre.

23. The index profile of an optical fibre is a graphical representation of the magnitude of the refractive index of the fibre.

24. The acceptance angle is the maximum angle to the fibre Axis at which light may enter the fibre access in order to propagated.

25. Multimode step index fibre launched core diameter numerical aperture is true

26. The performance characteristics of multimode graded index fibre or better than multimode step index fibre.

27. Unit that is used to measure power reading in optical fibre cable is dbm.

28. The three component of optical fibre are cladding

29. The product of the index of refraction by the side of the angle of incidence is constant for any Ray of light striking separating surface of two media is called snell’s law

30. Which among the following is described by the concept of numerical aperture in an optical fibre is called lighting connection or light connection.

31. The bending of light through the intersection of two medium refraction.

32. The entire technology behind on the optical fiber is called the total internal reflections. this is for both the sciences and the physics. the total internal reflection concepts is important in optical fiber.

33. Light incident on fibre of angle less than the accidents of angle do not propagate into the fibre.

34. according to read theory the propagation of ray in optical waveguide are skew rays.

35. Power about the minimum required by an optical receiver is called system margin.

36. Electrical device in optical network are basically used for signal control.

37. Which of the following is used to provide wavelengths signal service among those hopping.

38. Waveband switching supports a great number of wavelength and reduces the number of switches within the optical network.

39. The routing and assignment problem addressing the issue of wave front continuity constraints.


Optical Communication mcq

41. What is the exception in the similarities between the optical Ethernet and the Ethernet LAN is called physical layer.

42. Optical Ethernet can operate at the transmission rate as slow 10M bits per second.

43. How many types of optical Ethernet connections or developed three types.

44. Which type of connection can be used as an ethernet switch multi point to multipoint.

45. Virtual concatenation in the demultiplexing technique used to SONET  to band with into logical group.


47. A long haul network is there network connecting several regional or National network together.

48. What is the range of transmission of ultra long haul network is 2000 km to 4000 km.

49. WDM is an analogue multiplexing technique to combine is called optical signal.

50. The path layer is responsible for the moment of signal source to its optical destination.

51. Solitons is the experimental method in the optical.

Optical Communication mcq The above all the questions are very important for Anna University online examination if you’re preparing for GATE examination the all above questions are very important. All the above questions related to optical communication optical communication fibre network all the basic concepts basic principles contains in the above multiple choice questions and answers. optical communication subject is one of the easiest subject in 7th semester of electronics and communication Engineering Anna University 2017 regulation ec8751 mcq questions

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