Total Quality Management MCQ with answers TQM

TQM mcq with answers for examinations. Total Quality Management MCQ

Total quality management important multiple choice questions and answers ge8077 MCQ

1. What is dimensions of quality ______

a. profitability

b. service

c. control

d. improvement

2. The quality improve management is role of senior management.

a. develop the strategic long term plan

b. create the total education and training plan

c. listening to internal and external customer

d. quality improvement program

3. ______ components of the juran trilogy

a. durability

b. repetition

c. productivity

d. planning

4. Quality policy is _________

a.  equal or exceed the competition

b. satisfying the customers

c. participation and team woek

d. reduced quality costs

TQM mcq Total Quality Management MCQ

5.  TQM is an enhancement to the traditional way of doing _______

a. management

b. teamwork

c.  job interest

d.  business

6. How many types of teams ____

a. 2.

b. 4

c. 6

d. 10

7. The quality planning is ________ process in which quality is embedded in each and every step.

a. management

b.  implementation

c. strategy planning

d. training

8. __________continuous process.

a.  plan for the future

b  reduce errors

c. reduce resources

d.  carry out the plan

9.   ______is the tool used for feedback

a.  customer care

b.  communication

c.  internet

d. both a  and b

10.   ___________ is the typical measurement frequently asked by managers and teams ?

a. control chart

b.  time series graph

c. planning

d.  marketing

11. What is the Formula for RPN  ________

a.  SOD

b.   OOS

c.    FMEA

d.    PDSA

12.FMEA is an analytical techniques which is also called as ______

a.  graph

b. analysis of data

c.  collection of information

d.  paper test

13. ______ is the type of FEMA

a.   sales

b.  histogram

c.  matrix

d.  concept

14.  _________ is the new tools of quality

a.   check sheet

b.  scatter diagram

c. control chart

d. arrow diagram

15.  Process capability is __________



c. USL-LSL/6

d. none of these above

16.  Failure rate is the rate at which a __________ or process produce defects

a.   internal failure cost

b. external failure cost

c. product

d.  prevention

17.  ______ is the main way to improve quality

a.  service

b.  administration

c. feedback

d. repair

18.  QFD is used for  __________

a.  quality circle

b.  reinvention

c. equipment

d.  product design

19.  The rate of quality is _____________

a.  ((N-P)M)*100

b.  (T/P)*100

c.  ((N-Q)M)*100

d.  ((N-Q)N)*100

20.  The important steps to effective TPM is __________

a.  technical features

b.  house of quality

c.   education

d.  philosophy

GE8077 MCQ Total Quality Management MCQ

21.  Quality management system  requirements of _________

a. ISO 14001

b. ISO 14000

c. ISO 9001

d. ISO 9000

22.  Which elements for the implementation and operation of ISO 14001

a. objectives and targets

b.  environmental labeling

c. checking and corrective action

d.  documentation control

23.  ___________ is the elements for the checking and corrective action ISO 14001 ?

a. EMS documentation

b. environment aspects

c. records.

d. structure and responsibility

24.  ___________ is the benefits of ISO ?

a.  product realization

b. improve product and service quality levels from suppliers

c. requirement of quality audit

d. monitoring and measuring

25. Appoint an implementation team  steps necessary  to implement _________

a. QMS

b. EMS

c. quality audits

d. resource management

26. Systematic me to arrange everything in proper order so that it can be easily picked for use.

27. 5S housekeeping technique used to establish and maintain a productive and quality environment.

28. Maintenance functioning should not deteriorate which time everything stage everything think performance.

29. Performing team operation successful manner.

30. farming initial stage with only group of individual and no team work.

31. What are the types of team natural team cross functional team natural work team.

33. Srategic planning can be defined the process of objective of the organization.

34. What is full form of ISO international organization and standardization.

35. What is measure The check sheet is used during measure stage of DMAIC.

36. Which state concentration diagram of DMAIC is called Analyze.

The above questions are very important for Anna University online examination all the questions are very useful.

In total quality management totally 5 units are their

Unit one is introduction of total quality Management

Unit 2 is about total quality management principles

unit 3 is about tqm tools and techniques 1

unit 4 is all about another part of tqm tools and techniques to the

Last unit is quality management system the last unit is very important because all the ISO standard details principles concepts all about resource contention unit 5 that is called quality management system

Two type of ISO explain detail ISO 9001 ISO 14000 and ISO 9000 and I also 14001

This types explain in unit 5 quality management system what are the benefits of ISO requirements implementation documentation registration the entire concepts explain in unit 4 TQM mcq.

                                REPAIR AND REHABILITATION OF STRUCTURES


1. ________higher values are applicable for pilling  % stiffness bearing plates ?

a. 25%

b. 35%

c. 15%

d. 50%

2. Internal cracking and reduction in area of _____reinforcement ?

a.  metal

b. iron.

c. wood

d. steel

3. _____________ is an admixture that is used in concrete to prevent the metal embedded in concrete from corroding.

a. mixed inhibitor

b. corrosion inhibitor

c. anodic inhibitor

d. cathodic inhibitor

4. The primary chemical parameters are its ________ expressed in terms of its pH value

a. alkalinity

b. alkali silica

c. carbonated 

d. temperature

5. The process of hydration of cement materials releases heat which raises _________ of concrete.

a. pressure.

b. solid

c. temperature

d. volume

6. ______is long life protection.

a. zinc

b. aluminium

c. copper.

d. magnesium  

7. ________ density manpower  is diffused through and open cell and polymerized by radiation, application of heat or by chemical initiation.

a.  high

b. medium

c. low

d. none of the above

8. How many types of processes in shotcrete ?

a. 4

b. 5

c. 2

d. 3

9. The _____________ process must be started from the corners and the working inwards.

a. shoring

b. surface coating

c. vacuum concrete

d. underpinning

10. Dump patches may also be formed when water passes through the voids along reinforcing bars formed due to _________.

a. honeycombed concrete.

b. movement joints.

c. plastic settlement

d. both b and c

This all questions are very useful for civil engineering students Anna University 2017 regulation civil engineering.
Total Quality Management MCQ
Total Quality Management MCQ tqm ge8077

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