Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations

Quantitative aptitude for competitive examinations | Quantitative aptitude tips and tricks

Dr.R.S.Aggarwal book
If you pass then only you go the next round, most of the students are facing the easy questions as well as hard questions. if you go through this book you will definitely clear your campus interview first round as well as competitive examination.

Exam Details:

For Railway exam you need to workout all the 

This exam syllabus are Arithmetical ability is section 1. The Section 2 is Data interpretation this both the section are very important for Railway Exam.

This Dr. R.S. AGGARWAL book contains 39 chapters. the first part is 35 chapter is arithmetic ability, second part is 36 to 39 chapter is data interpretation totally 4 chapters.

This book special features are each and every problems has examples sums so students can understand easily. all the steps are explained in this book. one more features each and every importance are mentioned in this sums of the right side corner.

You will watch this video, definitely you understand the all problems because each and every steps as well as each sums i explained with the real time example, So you will understand quickly. you go through the above video, you will clear your campus interview and competitive examination.

The surds and indices

is one of the easiest topics on the quantitative aptitude. Remaining all topics sums and problems are having more solved steps, But this surds and indices are having very less steps, So you will understand the sums within one hours.  I taught all surds and indices sums with real time examples.
63/21 x 63/189 =1
3  x  1/3 
The common formulas Quantitative Aptitude for competitive examinations for applicable for decimal related problems that formulas also given in above video if you see this video definitely you may understand all the problems. most of the students are thinking decimal problems are very easy. the real thing is decimal sums are easy bus so many tricks are applicable for the decimal sums.


3 x 142875 /999999  =0.428
3 + 142875 /999999 =3.142
2  +  161/300 =  2.536
2 x 161 / 300 = 1.073
a3 + b3  =  a+b     a2 -ab+b2
The normal Number calculation contains in above video.
How to convert percentage to decimal this is one of the basic problems this problem is asking in aptitude test competitive examination, because they will give any hard number you need to solve that hard number percentage to fraction,  percentage to decimal so many questions are they will ask in competitive examination, if you preparing for campus interview you need to practice all the basic sums.
Simplification based problems this type questions also very important.  all the concepts of simplification basic problems having the BODMAS rule. all the sums are based on the BODMAS rule,  you need to know how to calculate BODMAS because if apply for BODDMAS rules then only you will get simple steps as well as easy to solves the problems manually.

BODMAS RULE Quantitative Aptitude for competitive examinations

 O for of
A FOR Addition
Each and every simplification problems contain subtraction addition division 
you will do BODMAS RULE then you may start your sums.
The above BODMAS formulas is useful for calculating the square root based problem all the important questions related to square roots and cube roots problems are solved step by step each and every step having the formulas that is square root of 2 square root of 3 square root of such that so many basic numbers so many tables are using in that problems
each and every problem having different method if you want to solve problem in simple step you need to remember entire basic formula for square root each and every number having different square number.

Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations TIPS AND TRICKS

All the important questions previous year question answer, model questions I explained in the above video each and every step having mark that is step mark if you are final answer is not accurate but each and every step is correct mean they will provide for step mark so you need to do follow the entire step each and every steps having different formula of different method.
If you’re preparing for railway examination All the above videos very useful.
So many quantitative aptitude books are available but most of the students are choosing Dr. R.S. Aggarwal because each and every step contains very simple as they given example problem all the important problem previous year asked problem model question paper given in this book so this books are most of the students using.
If you’re preparing for bank examination some basic questions contains in this book, so you need to work out all the problems in the given book because they mention what are the important questions for bank exam, what are the important questions for bank PO exam, what are the important questions for SBI bank exam, each and every exam mentioned in this book so students can easily understand which question sufficient for their exam.

Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations Topics


square roots
cube roots
fraction to decimal
decimal to percentage
percentage to fraction
This all the topics are very important for quantitative aptitude.
Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations book by rs aggarwal
Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations book


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