Redmi Note 10s Price In India | Redmi Note 10s Specs

Redmi go now to launch the new smartphone is Redmi Note 10s . This smartphone has the MediaTek Chipset G95. This is one of the best gaming chipset in India. MI note series mean the G95 mean ultra performance. Redmi Note 10s Price In India given below with the cons and Similar of Redmi Note 10s Specs mobiles.

Redmi Note 10s Specs

Chipset MediaTek G95 Octacore

Camera 64MP Quad camera

Display Super Amoled Display

Battery 5000mAh

Charger 33W Fast charging in Box

Type C cable

Glass Protection Gorilla glass protection IP53 rating

Speakers Dual Speakers Hi RES Audio

Design All new Evol Design

Price of Redmi note 10s in India

Redmi Note 10s Price In India is Around 15000 to 18000 is worth, Because of MediaTek G95 is old chipset. If they given as Snapdragon or mediatek dimensity mean it worth for 18000.

this mobile will launch 13th May month.

The main specification of this mobile is battery 5000mah battery given in this smartphone with that 33W fast charger and the camera 64mp quad camera given in this smartphone this is also one of the major high key specs.

Cons of MI note 10s

The main disadvantage of the smartphone is MediaTek G95 smartphone this is one of them best chipset, as well as old chipset nowadays MediaTek Dimensity is more popular in India but they given MediaTek G95 only if they given MediaTek Dimensity mean this mobile will competition to Realme smartphones.

The price of the smartphone’s 15000 to 20000 is worth, if they launch more than 20000 that mobile prices too high because only they given MT G95 only that its cost is also below 20000 it worth otherwise it won’t worth.

The display point of view given super Amoled display.

Gorilla IP53 protection given in the smartphone new design pattern given in mi note 10s

Gaming of Mi note 10s

The performance point of view MI 10s good because g95 is only specialization for gaming smartphone if you are looking for best gaming smartphone under 18000, mean you may consider the smartphone but the main disadvantage of the smartphone’s if they launch below 15000 to 18000 then only it will worth otherwise it won’t worth.

You will use this smartphone without any lag

Similar To mi note 10s

Realme lauched new smartphone that is Realme 8 5G is one of the good smartphone, because of the mediatek dimensity 700 given with 500mAh battery

That is more than enough for 5G mobiles.

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