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Innova Accessories details
This blog contains Innova crysta alteration the Toyota car accessories and Metal keychains. so many useful accessories given in this blog. The Toyota logo keychain is most famous in India.
The attractive car w heel rims, emblem, air fresher and car stickers contains in this page. the all products are related to Toyota Innova cars. The stylish wheel rims are giving the extra look for your car, logo flash light and stickers.
The some cars having good look, they are using this type of products. So each and every items i given the details with the pros and cons for all the items. The Innova Basic model, Top model, Crysta and  Innova Sports car accessories.





Details and explanation:
The air fresher one of the most important part in the AC car for this for refresh the car atmosphere. it spreads good smell to car most of the car drivers and owner are like this product.
This product is most famous in India this product is one of the most famous for basic model car to high  level model  so many favorites available from this product this product cost is most cheap this product name is air freshener for car.
This jell slowly mix with Air cooler it produces the good smell to your car and you breath. if your friends and relations drive with you means they will also like this smell. 
Pros: to maintain the good smell in the car. cost is low.
cons : some people don’t like any air fresher smell.


Wheel Rim for luxury car Innova crysta alteration

Details and explanation:

The White and black two rims are available the more attractive is white rims that is based on the car, for example Innova Sport is black color rim is very good design. the wheel rim does not affect any load on your car for  that’s why most of the people like this product.
the triangle shape wheel rims to extra looks and it is easy to clean.
if you use this product all of you see your car. this is good product for buying.
pros: this product cost is low. very attractive look for your car.
cons: this does not increases your car speed. easy to clean from the water wash.
Logo Light
Details and explanation


This is one of the most rare products for car. if you use this product definitely you will like it because most of the people not using yet.
if you use this all of the see your car, you will get extra look for your car. the product is most rare on market.
This logo Toyota logo if need any other brand logo means. just search on online otherwise ask me we will give the more information about the logo light.

Pros: good look, cost is low, good quality. this is attached with your car doors.

Cons: this is very useful for dark place. or night time only you will use this product.

Toyota Logo keychain

details and explanations.


This is metal product. the Toyota car owners and car drivers are like this product the perfect finishing metal Toyota logo key chain. the white shine with metal color Toyota logo. if you use this keychain this will give more look for your car key. 
Pros: shining and good look.
Cons: only one key you may attach they only it will more look.
Toyota logo metal keychain
Details and explanation


The metal keychain are most famous. the stainless metal keychain is look ultimate style, it does not absorb the durst and moisture, so it look very shine, for that purpose only most of the people using this type of items.
Pros; simple and attractive look.
Cons: Small size. some of people like little big size keychain;
Innova Sticker



Details and explanation
To get more impressive Innova crysta alteration from other car that will give by stickers. Innova Logo name sticker it give the extra style. this will give unique identity for your car. this sticker give the shining to your cars.
This is white sliver color sticker.
Pros: unique look for your car.
Cons: The front side of this sticker very attractive. it does not observe the dust particle.

Toyota Emblem Innova crysta alteration

Details and explanation:


If you don’t have emblem i mean if your car emblem was missed mean you may use this type of emblem because this is look like original brand emblem. a few cars missed their emblem for at that  situation you may use this original look emblem. the emblem with car model number contains in a single piece of products.
Pros : look like original
Cons: each and every car having different emblem size
Mobile Holder stand Attachment for call drivers
Details and explanation


If you use this stand, you may going to any new place or any new location at that time type of stand are very useful. because, each and every call drivers need the holder for place their mobile this holder is very useful for the driver.
So many travels drivers are using this stand, and their useful items, to their works.  all the taxi drivers are using this type of stands only because it is easy to handle.
Pros: good build quality
Cons: black color only available.

Innova Wheel Rims Innova crysta alteration

details and explanations


If you are having Innova car you may use this type of rim because this type of rims are using less number cars. this is rare product on market.
For Innova Black rims is very beautiful because black is the common color rim. if you are having one more car mean you may choose white color rims. But Innova crysta alteration, Innova does not give good look for white. color.
if you are having Innova Sports means the white color is suitable because this look like the race model.
But other ordinary Innova does not  give good look for white color rims.
Pros: in Centre silver bold contains so it will give more attractive.
Pros : this items not available on white color.

Innova Rim

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