Transforms and Partial Differential Equations MA8353

MA8353 Transforms and Partial Differential Equations ma8353 mcq notes given here with the easy steps for eee and mechanical students.



Transforms and partial differential equations important multiple choice question and answers for Anna University online examination 2017 regulation this paper for department of electrical and electronics engineering and Mechanical engineering.
All the unit important MCQ for MA8353
1. The application of effect transform in discrete analysis is similar to that of Laplace transform in continuous signal.
2. Fourier series decomposers A period function into a discrete set of contribution of various frequencies which are all multiples of fundamental frequency.
3. Harmonic analysis is the process of finding the harmonic in Fourier series of function of f of X which is given by table of values.
4. rder of partial differential equation is the order of highest order partial derivative in the equation.
5. The Diriclets condition for enough to cover almost all conceivable application and all such function can be explained as Fourier series.
6. The representation was one of the most part dating event in applied mathematics.
7. The rate at which heat flows through an area is proportional to the area and to temperature Grand in normal to the area this constant of proportionality is called thermal conductivity k of the material.
8. The simple modes of vibration are the highest harmonic frequency or higher than that of fundamental frequency.
9. Laplace transform is the most important integral transform in engineering.
10. Asset transfer as a discrete time counter part of Laplace transform.
11. A difference equation is a relation between the independent variable X and dependent variable y and finite differences.
15. The relationship between rates of changes list to differential equation why the relationship between changes are differences lead to difference equation.

Unit 1 Transforms and Partial Differential Equations

Partial differential equation in this unit all the basic concepts of singular integral formation of partial differential equation, higher order and lower order of coefficient. unit 1 is all about basic concept is single integration of transforms and partial differential equations.

Unit 2 

Fourier series is unit 2 all the of Fourier series of  question. 3 general Fourier series, complex form of Fourier series this concept contains in unit 2 in partial differential equations.

Unit 3

Application of partial differential equation, what are the classification of partial differential equation and method of variables Fourier series solution in one dimensional wave equation, one dimensional heat equation and one dimensional of heat conduction this all concepts contents in unit 3.

Unit 4

The Fourier transform sine and cosine transform convolution theorem these sums in unit 4.

Unit 5

This is main important unit for tpde transform and difference equation is a transforms sums major play in transforms and partial differential equation elementary properties.
the inverse of z transform is the important frequently asked university important 16 mark question.
The differentiation formulas for very important in transforms and partial differential equations.
The first formula integral of e power x cos BX DX in this formula the expanded the terms of cosine.
after that the differentiated de second term of cos b s the answer is b side BX this is the first formula.
The second formula is integral e power x sin BX differentiation equal to power denominator a square + b square sign BS subtraction differentiation sin b x the final answer of this formula is is a sin b a separation b cos BX.
diff of sinx = cosx
cos x= -sinx
integral of sinx = -cosx
cos x=sinx
The above formulas stand the form of partial differential equation by eliminating arbitrary constant A and b from is equal to a x + b y + a square + b square
Step by step each and every formula each and every basic concept and in the above video the above video solved problems are frequently asked in university point of view.
The differentiation formulas are using in the above video the basic farmers also I taught.
Differentiation of sin x is equal to cos x 
Differentiation of cos x equal to minus sin x
Integral of sin x equal to minus cos x 
Integral of cosine is = to sine x
The important to Mark multiple choice questions and definitions.

Transforms and Partial Differential Equations General

1. What is particular integral ?
the particular integral is complete integral by giving particular values to the arbitrary constant is called particular integral.
2. What is singular integral ?
it does not contain any arbitrary constant is called singular integral.
3. What is general integral ?
it contains many after functions and order of equations is called general integral or general solution.
4. wLWhat is complete integral ?
it contains many arbitrary constant and number of independent variables in partial differential equation is called complete integral or complete solution.
5. What is solution of partial differential equation ?
The relationship between dependent and independent variable which satisfy the partial differential equation is called the solution of partial differential equations.


First you need to go through the all the 5 units syllabus.
Second thing is you need to concentrate on 2 marks in partial differential equation.
You need to prepare all the 5 unit 2 marks questions with answers.
First you need to go through all the two mark questions and all the syllabus this is the first point.
Second point is you need to analysis, how many 16 mark questions in all the 5 units.
Third point you need to to collect all the model question paper of transforms and partial differential equation and analysis previous year question paper of transforms and partial differential equation.
Finally you need to prepare any three unit fully if you prepare any of 3 unit that is difficult to pass because if you prepare any first off or second off is default.
You completely prepare any three unit that is the main important.
Most of the students are studying half unit of half of all the units that is very difficult because if they ask 16 marks in second half in unit.
In university point of view if they ask both the 16 marks questions or 10 marks questions in any one half of the unit mean, You are not get a chance to attend that particular questions. 
For that purpose only you need to prepare any 3 units FULLY.
All the best

Transforms and Partial Differential Equations MA8353 MCQ questions and answers

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