Sabarimala E Pass Apply Online 2023 to 2024 Kerala

In this website How to Sabarimala e pass apply online 2023 Step by steps in Explained here for Pilgrims.

This pass is must for all the pilgrims to visit the KL at 2023 to 2024

How to apply e pass for sabarimala temple

  1. First Open The Jagratha Official Website and Login
  2. Enter your Mobile Number
  3. It will ask the OTP
  4. Next Step -> Select The Short Visit as the Application Type for Sabarimala swami
  5. Then the Applicant’s -> Name -> Address – DOB -> Gender -> State -> District Enter your correct Information.
  6. After That it will ask Government Issued ID Card type -> Aadhar -> Voter – Ration -> Driving License -> PAN –Select any One
  7. Enter the ID Number as you selected above one.
  8. Fellow Traveler Details Single epass is valid upto 5 member a group.
  9. Enter your group member Name -> Mobile Number -> ID Type
  10. This is Important Thing Application Details Purpose of visit Kerala
  11. There are -> Pilgrimage -> Employment -> Official visit -> Tourism -> Medial.
  12. All the Sabarimala Swami Please Select the Pilgrimage Option.
  13. Mode of Travel -> Train -> Road -> Ship -> Flight
  14. Select any one above as your wish.
  15. In addition of Vehicle Details -> Vehicle Number -> Kerala Border Entry Date -> Kerala Border Return Date. Enter the Right Details.
  16. Places and Institutions of Visit -> Type Sabarimala
  17. Number of Persons Likely to Be interacted with -> upto 5 people per Epass.
  18. Supporting Document PDF File -> Sabarimalai Swami Upload the Virtual Q ticket copy.
  19. Details of stay -> District of stay name
  20. Similarly Local Body name Enter
  21. Address of Stay
  22. Local Contact Number -> Devaswom Board Number Enter as per in your virtual q Ticket
  23. Finally Save and Submit
  24. Within the 5 minutes They will Send your E pass PDF, Just take Printout. Finish
  25. Download the PDF File From you Received Message
  26. Above all Steps i Given, There is very simple if you have doubt watch the below video.

Kerala epass appy online short visit and Rules 2024

  1. Each and Every 5 member is 1 epass including Driver.
  2. However Epass will be Checked in the Kerala Border.
  3. Take the Printout copy of e pass
  4. In Other words If your are more that 5 member mean its like 8 swami mean just apply 2 epass for them. 5 +3
  5. If you are going In Government Bus or Train or Flight or Ship any way there is Pass is Must for everyone.
  6. For Instance Car or Van mean select the Road option in Mode of Travel.
  7. The Vehicle Number and Enter Date and Return Date followed in KL Border.
  8. in Below Video i Explained all the Things.
  9. In Conclusion this is procedure of Sabarimala E Pass Apply Online 2023 to 2024 Kerala
  10. For More Slot Updates Please follow the CHROME TECH CHANNEL
  11. Therefore Slot will open soon.
  12. After that book you Ticket for journey.
  13. In other words without valid ticket you not able to enter the KL Border Check Post.
  14. Similarly Nilakkal Checking and Tirvandrum also.
  15. However Checking is Must all over KL
  16. Therefore No history of Covid Persons will be allowed only.


First off all pilgrims should have the aadhaar card and virtual q Tickets. You need to include your bus or van or car Driver name.

Except the government Bus or Train Driver Name. Simultaneously you should note the vehicle details to registration.

And One more things is Border Entry and Return Date must be accurate, This will be checking in the Border check post as well as the transport permit office.

There is no need to include the RC Book Owner in the Epass. Because of the swami are confusing. If the owner comes along with you mean enter otherwise don’t enter his name.

In addition of Sabarimala Online Ticket Booking Virtual Q 2023 Finally take the Print out copy of Sabarimala E Pass Apply Online 2023 is compulsory.

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